The Orange Drag Strip Reunion

The 2014 330 Nationals are Presented by

& John's Custom Rods

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All Racing is Heads Up, Flagman Start

Run What ya Brung & Hope You Brung Enough!

2014 Classes for Race Cars

Nostalgia Eliminator

Front Engine Dragsters, Funny Cars, Altered Wheelbase, A/FX

Gassers, Highly Modified Roadsters & Comp Coupes/Sedans

More or less your olde tyme straight axle race class...

Heavy Eliminator

Rods/Cars which are either:

Unregistered or have non-DOT slicks

2014 Classes for Street Cars

To run in these classes you must have:

A valid registration in hand, current state inspection sticker and DOT tires

If you can't meet all the above criteria day of show, you will be moved into Heavy E or Exhibition

Muscle Car Eliminator

1965-73 Door Cars

Street Rod Eliminator

Pre-65 Hot Rods & Door Cars

Plus Our Exhibition Class

Fun runs and grudge matches

Exhibition is open to all types of pre-74 cars and drag vehicles

If you can pass tech and just want to have fun making passes this is your class

Exhibition class is also suited to very high horsepower cars that want to perform either a only burnout and/or partial pass

Racing Registration

All drivers must pre-register

Cost of pre-registration $35 per driver (plus $15 admission per head day of show)

150 racing registrations total will be issued

Registrations must be made in the drivers name and are non-transferable & non-refundable

If you're driving two cars, you need a registration for each car

If two people are driving one car, they each need their own registration

Racing in all classes is restricted to pre-74, 4 wheeled vehicles

Day of show registrations, if available will be $60 plus admission

Racing registration is currently Open

Select Racing Class
Do you require a parking space for a truck & trailer?
Drivers Name, Address & Phone
Year, Make & Model of Vehicle

Rules & Regulations

No matter what, Have fun, be safe, keep the mood light and friendly

This is a reunion, a day of old friends and family, bring only your best manors and leave only pleasant memories

Now, onto business...

All drivers must wear a Helmet meeting one of the following specs:

Snell M2000, M2005, M2010, SA2000, SA2005 or SFI 31.1A, 31.2A, 31.1/2005, 41.1A, 41.2A, or 41.1/2005

NO motorcycle, snowmobile or other non-spec helmets!

If your helmet does not meet the above specs, you will not be allowed to race, period.

All drivers are required to wear long pants, closed toe shoes with socks and a short sleeve shirt minimum. Shorts/bare legs, tank tops, bare torsos, nylon or nylon-type clothing and open-toe shoes are prohibited. Drivers of open or supercharged cars or cars capable of 1/4 ET's under 12 seconds must wear appropriate safety clothing: SFI rated jackets, pants, gloves and so on.

Seat belts/driver restraints must be properly anchored, in good working order and condition. If your car has racing belts, they must be in date.

An overflow coolant catch can is required on all vehicles: minimum 16 ounces.

Batteries must be securely mounted.

Automatic equipped cars require a neutral safety switch.

Drivers must be 18 years of age and carry a valid drivers license

All drivers must sign a release and waiver of liability agreement form.

NO passengers, make a pass with a rider and you will both be banned from the show

Allow a non-registered driver to run your car and you will both be banned from the show

The use of pit bikes, golf carts, ATV's, bicycles and any other mode of transportation other then foot is prohibited. The only exception is for towing vehicles to the staging lanes or back to the pits.

We will have a wrecker on duty for on track breakage. Speaking of breakage, if you do break during a run, pull over as close the the wall as possible, that keeps fluids on the racing surface to a minimum.

Burnouts: Keep you burnout inside the allotted area, extent length burnouts or burning out past the starting line is acceptable only for vehicles without front brakes. Make all the smoke you like, just so long as you do it in the appropriate area.

Only one crew member allowed on the starting line, He/she must stay behind the car, except for backing assist on dragsters. No crewmember may touch the car during burnout or staging. No one under 16 allowed in the burnout or staging lanes.

Racers wrist bands must be worn on left wrist, show your wrist band to the nice lady each time you pass through the staging lanes to the line. No band, no pass.

Any instance of a non-registered driver found behind the wheel of any vehicle on the racing surface, will result in the car & crew's immediate expulsion from the show.

All cars must pass tech inspection based on common sense and basic racing/safety guidelines you would expect at any track.

Purpose Built Race Cars and Highly Modified entries will be more thoroughly inspected. The techs will be looking for such items as: drive shaft loops and expiration dates on belts. Have your SFI specs handy.

Vintage and Historic Race cars: Consideration to the history of these vehicles will be used when inspected

Open Headers are O-K

Cars with an aftermarket shifters require a reverse lockout.

Vehicles with highly modified engines require an approved transmission clutch/flywheel, blow shield or trans blanket as required by most racing regulations.

Foot brake starts only: Disarm any delay boxes, throttle stops, trans brakes, electric/air/CO/RPM operated shifters.

If your car has a rev limiter, and the linemen hear your car on starting line up against that limiter, during test and tune - no pass, in competition that is a loss.

If your car is plumbed for NOS, remove the bottle before leaving home, your car will be checked. No bottles on the grounds.

Cars must be in good working order. All wheel studs and lug nuts, cotter pins, hoses, brakes, steering, throttle linkage, and so on will be inspected

Cars must have full floor boards and firewall.

Drive shafts may not be open to drivers compartment.

Drinking, pot and open profanity are not allowed at the show.


Track Info

The blacktop racing surface is a section of airport runway, there is some cracking but overall the condition at Fitchburg is good enough to result in broken u-joints and ring gears.

The track will not be sprayed for traction, there will be water for burnouts.

Racing will be 1/16th mile (330'), shut down area 550'

Extra low gears and top condition brakes are your best friends, you'll need them both!

2014 Show Location

Fitchburg Airport, Fitchburg MA

The airport is located about two miles off Route 2

GPS/Google Maps address: Cobbler Drive Fitchburg MA 01420

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